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nin3tails application2 3 months ago

I am 14 years old and I am mature. and like hanging out with older groups.

I have discored @i<3 life#25456. have a non eco good working mic.

i understand what is expected of me when I play on this server. I know i need to be respectful not to abuse power.

I am super active and I have played minecraft for 3 moths. i enjoy playing this game very much.

i have never got banned on this server or any server.I dont planned on getting banned because i like playing games legitly and safely.

i am registered on this website. this website is built well and i give props to you for making it.

i am likeable and i like working with other people.and i dont usually get in arguments and i like learning new things and information

i have never been staff but i have watched many videos on it and i have the basic knowlage of beaing a really good and hard working staff member


Minecraft Username:nin3tails645

age:14 (not annoying)


Why: I want to be staff because I want to make the minecraft community better, and have new players have the best experience they can have, I want all people to have a wonderful time playing this amazing game.

Discord: I am active my discord isĀ  i <3 life#2546

how long:I have played minecraft for about 3 months

Q/A1. If i got a report for suspiciouse hacking I would tp over to the guy while invisible I will spy on him for as long as I had to and if he was hacking I would ban him for cheating.

Q/A2. If someone has been spamming the chat with bad or unsuporting messages such as racism etc. I would ask the "can you please stop" and if he said no I would say "ill give you one more chance may you please stop" and if he didnt I would mute him for a little bit.

No friends.