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continued.. The server page will like the post and comment something along the lines of "Hey come join our server", or "you'll defenitly love our server if you join it". That way you guys can help the user out, while also promoting your server. Anything thats minecraft related you guys can reach out to users and try get them to play on your server. This isn't a huge deal for me because it doesn't envolve in-game, but I thought it's something I'd recommend. 

4) Special events: I know you guys have mob/boss events which I think are cool and a bit fun. I think it would also be cool if you guys held other events in the future like a walls event or some mini game event. When I was on an old survial server that went down, they held a walls event every month for playyers to join. They would have to sign up on the forums and and staff memebers would set the teams. then at a certain time they hold the event. the winning team would win special items and it would be a ton of fun. Events like mini games or contests things would be fun I feel for the community. The events would be once a month or something so it's not over used. This I feel is just something extra that could be cool to the server.

5) The server economy: I have about 50k on the server and I've got it just buy doing nothing but by voting and also my donation rank (which only gave me 10k). The economy needs to be updated a bit I feel. when shopping I feel super rich and that I can buy almost everything on the server. I feel like I have no desire to grind for money. (It's probably just me) I feel the market prices of things should increase in value, or decrease the amount of money players can get from voting. I feel players that are grinding the most should get rich, and the players that do nothing shouldn't.

6) Custom texture pack: I feel having a custom texture pack for the server could be unique to the RPG aspect of the server. Having a unique texture on NCPs or weapons, and armour of sorts. I feel can bring a true RPG experiance. If players dont wish to use the texture pack they dont have to, but if they want the full RPG experiance the server has it for them to use. I'm not to heavy on this but, I've seen RPG servers, use a custom texture pack for user to use that actully works well and feels for of an RPG feeling.

Again these are just some of my feedback to the server. I really enjoy the server and the quest systems. its something different that I've never seen any server truly do. I hope you guys consider the feedback. I'm not trying to lash out on the server or the community, I just think there is pontential on the server for improvment.


Greetings everyone. I'm creating this thread to dissucces my thoughts and give some feedback from a player perspective. I've been on different survival servers in the past and I've discover stuff that works and stuff that doesn't work for players and the community on the servers. I'd figure I'd like to put in my "two cents" and let the Staff members know what I think of the server. Keep in mind these are my own opinons and I really like the server overall, but I believe there should be some changes to make the player experiance better.

1) ShopGUI: The ShopGUI plugin is a great plugin you guys (The Staff team) have added to the server and it defently creates a simple way of players for purchasing items no doubt. However, It kinda takes away the whole survival/crafting experiance when you can just buy it for a cheep price. Again this is my opinon and I don't know about the rest of the community, but for me I like to have actually spent time grinding for supplies in order to craft what I want. It also ensures that players will also stay on the server longer when they have a task they want to do in mind. For example, I wanted to create an enchantment room in my house. I was set with my task at hand to craft an enchantment table. I was about to go and craft my things when I saw in the shop I could just buy one for a really cheep price. To me it just felt lazy that I can just buy certian items without putting in the work. Now yes I could just craft my own things and not take advange of the shop, But once I saw that almost every item is in the shop, it just takes the whole survival experiance and throws it away. I'm not saying that the whole ShopGUI has to go away, but maybe only put certain stuff in the shop, or I also think it would be cool if players must reach a certain level of "x" in order to unlock new items in the shop. For example, A player must be level 10 in farming in order to purchase cow eggs or level 2 in order to purchase carrot seeds..ect. these are just some example. That way players have a sense of duty to complete the task. I feel the shopGUI is a great start, but I feel it's a bit over power for player to abuse and take the lazy way.

2) Job system: I've seen other survival servers use what they call a Job system in place. Bascally players have a job title and whatever it is they use there job to make money. For example if a player chooses a farming job, they make the most money selling seeds, wheat, ect. or if A player is a mob slayer they make the most money selling mob drops. This is a great way for players to grind more money along with completing quests. Once a player reaches a certain level at there job they get an upgrade (promotion) in the job system which can give them more money or items..etc.. It also helps the RPG aspect on the server.

3) Socialmedia: I've notice that you guys have a twitter page which is great for communication with players on the server when it comes to updates and other notifications about the server. When it comes to social media on a minecraft server, it's also best to advertise a bit on your server. I've seen minecraft server twitter pages actually talk to random players about minecraft stuff. For instance I follow a minecraft server page know as Cubecade. And they "like" or "comment" on random minecraft posts that users make saying "looking for a minecraft server to join", or "hey anyone know a good server to join" ....continued 


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