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nin3tails application2 3 months ago

Thank you for submitting your second application. Previously I mentioned using the correct format, however I also noted that using the question, followed by the answers to that question, let me give an example:

Staff Application

MC Username: {Answer}

What would you like us to call you?: {Answer}

Age: {Answer}

Next, your answers are short and sweet, however lack detail unfortunately giving no depth to how you could be an important attribute to the team. We also look for proper sentencing, formatting and punctuation/grammar, which you have shown very minimal/uneffecive knowledge of that. The reason we look for that specifically is for the reason of allowing players your helping to easily understand what you are saying, as well as being clear and consice when contributing to the staff team.

The age requirement, as stated in our staff applications guide, requires the age of 15. However, quoting from our application guidelines, "To become a staff member on Aramore you MUST meet all listed requirements. Some exceptions may be made but it is not guaranteed." This shows it is possible for you, a 14 year old male, female or other to be accepted onto our team, however, given what we have recieved throughout your application, we can not guarantee acceptence, not only because of age, but also, "Have some previous experience with being a staff member on other servers." and lastly the issues previously stated.

Please follow the format given directly. It would be a lot easier for us to follow if you Copy + Paste and continue to write your answers beside, or under the question. You can find the proper format to copy paste here:

That link also provides useful information as to the minimum requirements to join our team, including age, being fifteen. I find joy in your reason why you would like to be staff, as im sure many of us on the team can relate to that same feeling. 

Furthermore, to wrap things up, We are asking how long you have played on Aramore, not minecraft. Also, once again, please use the proper questions followed by the answer instead of, "Q/A1-2" 



Staff Application 3 months ago

Taking your demotion into consideration, It would be very hard to bring you back onto the team. However, it is still very possible.

The application you have submitted does not come close to the criteria we would be looking for in order to make any moves with your application. I recommend putting a little more thought and time into it! Dedication is always a good trait to have!

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