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IGN: Chahuahua
by Chahuahua » 12 months ago

Welcome to the Aramore server!

Aramore is a 1.13.2 minecraft survival server with a sort of RPG twist! We offer many different features for users to enjoy; such as, MCMMO, Slimefun, Duels, PvP Tournaments, Quests, Bosses, and Grief Prevention! The server also offers many custom rewards from crates and quests! We want to make Aramore a thriving community and grow the server into something great. By playing, spreading the word, and overall supporting the server you can be part of creating a community driven minecraft server! Come join and help create something great!

More information:




Bosses on Aramore are meant to be a challenge but defeating them reaps great rewards! There are three separate bosses that will spawn in different locations around the main hub of Aramore. Each boss has a different level of difficulty and rewards. We have a daily, weekly, and monthly boss. Be sure to watch out for the announcement for when the bosses spawn!




Aramore offers different quests for users to complete to earn rewards. These quests are reset weekly so be sure to check back to get the rewards again! There are currently seven quests available with different tiers to complete. We plan to expand and create more elaborate quests in the next update if our community grows.




Aramore offers two main sources of pvp for players to enjoy. The duel system allows users to fight 1v1 and bet items and/or money on the outcome on the battle. The battlearena system offers tournaments for players to compete in, earn rewards, and climb the leaderboards! Players can also compete in FFA matches to earn smaller rewards but tournaments will be where the special items are rewarded!

Aramore offers so much for users to compete for and enjoy on the server. We want all players to enjoy their experience so please, report any bugs you find, make suggestions on what you think should be added to the server, help create a server for everyone to enjoy!

Not every bit of information is given here about Aramore, if you have more questions feel free to use the guide book in game with /guide or check out the tutorial! If you still need assistance there is also a help channel in the server's discord. Enjoy your stay on Aramore!


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