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IGN: Chahuahua
by Chahuahua » 12 months ago

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day! I wanted to update you all on where we're at after the launch of Aramore! The launch went great! We had many new players join and enjoy the server! That's awesome! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the initial release of the server. Now let's get down to business. There is a poll in the announcements channel of the discord to decide how to update the server and what will happen next. Be sure to join the discord to vote on that!

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Advertising is a big thing! We need to spread the word that the server is here and we are improving! So spread the word, invite your friends, make posts, help grow our community! Besides advertising through word of mouth, I will also be looking to get different ads on forum pages or other server sites, as well as, scout any minecraft youtuber who might be interested in checking out the server.


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