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Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day! I wanted to update you all on where we're at after the launch of Aramore! The launch went great! We had many new players join and enjoy the server! That's awesome! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the initial release of the server. Now let's get down to business. There is a poll in the announcements channel of the discord to decide how to update the server and what will happen next. Be sure to join the discord to vote on that!

IMPORTANT Welcome to Aramore

Welcome to the Aramore server!

Aramore is a 1.13.2 minecraft survival server with a sort of RPG twist! We offer many different features for users to enjoy; such as, MCMMO, Slimefun, Duels, PvP Tournaments, Quests, Bosses, and Grief Prevention! The server also offers many custom rewards from crates and quests! We want to make Aramore a thriving community and grow the server into something great. By playing, spreading the word...

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